Things You Need To Watch When You Want to Work Like a Game Publisher

Game Publisher for your bussiness

Game Publisher for your bussiness

All About The Game – In March 2017 Tech in Asia Indonesia again held Gametalk held in Garena Indonesia office. The third Gametalk event in 2017 raised the topic of game poker online terpercaya publishing, through discussion sessions with Wilson Tjandra (Mintsphere) and Rudy Rachman Indrawanto (Vifth Floor). Both are invited to share their go international experience by publishing games through overseas publisher.

Wilson is a figure who is known to have been poor across the Indonesian gaming industry for a dozen years. He founded the Mintsphere studio which in the near future will release his latest game, Fallen Legion, on PS4 and PS Vita.

Unlike Wilson, Rudy from Vifth Floor is quite a fairly new figure in the game industry homeland. Nevertheless, the novel visual video game made by his studio, Just Deserts, released in August 2016 successfully broke into the global market and is said to have sold over seven thousand copies in Steam.

From the discussion of the two speakers, it was revealed that the process of publishing games is not something easy, especially when it is related to business relations with publishers as a third party. Here are some points that developers need to know when they will consider the game distribution cooperation through publisher channels, both local and overseas.

1. Learn the publisher’s reputation

Through publishing services, a game studio certainly hopes that their work can reach a wider audience than when it was released alone. However, please also note that not all publishers can provide what developers expect. Developers need to do more research to find out the reputations of publishers who invite cooperation.

2. Select a publisher that provides benefits

As a partner, some publishers not only offer limited assistance to distribution activities. Good publishers also do not hesitate to offer other advantages such as quality assistance, feedback, to other technical support such as inclusion Development Kit. This kind of benefit offering is an advantage that distinguishes one publisher from another.

Wilson explains some of the benefits he gained during his work with an overseas publisher called YummyYummyTummy. He revealed that in addition to distribution affairs, publishers from the United States that also provides other benefits such as connections to a number of important parties, access to distributors, media, insight around the market, and others.

3. Make sure your products have high quality standards

Well-polished products have more consideration in the eyes of publishers. This was conveyed by Wilson when he was asked about what tips should be prepared when it comes to publishers. “When we make a good (artificial) product, the publisher, the investor, and the media will certainly be looking and looking for us,” Wilson said.

From the principle about the quality held by Wilson earlier, Mintsphere had ogled two outside publishers when showing off one of their works, Trigger Princess, on the show Casual Connect. From two publishers who approached him, Wilson then chose YummyYummyTummy which helped give the Development Kit access to develop games on the PlayStation platform.